Frequently Asked Questions

We are very selective about what foods we bring in. If you do not find the food you are looking for, it may be because we have an issue with a food's ingredient panel or possibly the manufacturer or sourcing. Sometimes, it is just a matter of space and we can special order something for you, so never hesitate to ask! 

Here's a good reference guide for ingredients you always want to avoid in your dog's or cat's diet: What Should Never Be In Your Pet's Food or Treats

Here's a guide of brands we do not support and will not bring into our store: Pet Food We Don't Carry and Why

We do not sell puppies or kittens and strongly discourage you from purchasing one from any pet store. No responsible breeder sells to a pet shop, and we do not want to perpetuate the serious problem of puppy mills. Pets that come from puppy and kitty mills are undersocialized and often have many health issues due to their irresponsible breeding and unsanitary and inhumane living conditions. Instead, we urge our customers to adopt their pets from responsible breeders, animal rescues, and shelters. Thousands of shelter animals are desperate for good homes, love, and attention. 

There are many myths involved with rescuing, including the idea that you can’t get a purebred animal from a shelter. This is 100% false! Many rescues are breed specific, and those that aren't, usually will have waiting lists for specific breeds. Another plus is that rescuing is a lot cheaper than buying a pet from a pet store! 

We recommend that our customers visit the SPCA in Annapolis or an online rescue database like Pet Finder before considering buying from a pet store. Also, we have an extensive list of other rescue organizations available. If there is a specific breed you are looking for, let us know and we will try to point you in the right direction.

While we work closely with Rural Dog Rescue, Rude Ranch, and the Anne Arundel County SPCA, there are many other wonderful local shelters and rescue groups. Here is a list we have compiled: Rescues.

If it is responsibly sourced and handled properly, absolutely. Raw is the least processed and most biologically appropriate diets you can feed your cat or dog. Here is a link to our Frequently Asked Questions about the Raw Diet.

No, none of our consumable products are made or sourced from China, Food or Treat. We also try to purchase beds, toys, leashes and collars that are made in the USA as often as possible.

With the exception of items with manufacturing defects, we do not accept returns on any of our fabric merchandise, such as harnesses, collars, beds, et cetera. This is out of concern for the well-being of your pet. Many diseases and ailments are spread through touch--from the canine flu to mange to fleas. You are, however, welcome to bring your pet in for a fitting. This ensures that we can verify the health of your pet prior to trying out any merchandise. 

Raw food is also a non-returnable item due to the delicate nature of the product. Once it leaves the store we cannot ensure that it has been handled properly and kept frozen, therefore we do not feel comfortable re-selling it. Exceptions will be made if your pet becomes ill from the raw food. In this case, we will certainly return it to the manufacturer for you. 

Pet Barn is not a chain. We are two privately owned stores that try to support other small businesses as much as possible.

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